FullSizeRenderThe Supreme Court just told a New Hampshire anti-abortion group to go fuck itself (not a direct quote).

A little history on the topic: in 2011, New Hampshire declined to renew grants for Planned Parenthood and used a combination of state and federal funds for other clinics. Then, it came to pass that there was a huge group of people in the state left without access to any family planning. The Department of Health and Human Services stepped in and gave PP the funding it needed in order to attend to the needs of the community.

“NH Right to Your Life” (their actual name is the ‘New Hampshire Right To Life’ but we here at Lady Parts Justice League like to label correctly) came in and was all “Hey! Hey! Hey! Under the Freedom of Information Act we should be able to see all of Planned Parenthood’s materials including the operations manual.” Again, that’s a summation not an actual quote as we like to be super clear about who said what when facts are involved – unlike some other parties concerned (YEAH WE ARE TALKING TO YOU, YOU “HAVE NO RIGHT TO MY LIFE” GROUPS).

A Boston based 1st Circuit Court already decided that no, that’s not how Federal Document Disclosure works AND Planned Parenthood has already given up a lot of documents. THEN, on Monday, the Supreme Court rejected the request by being like “Get the fuq outta here, you’re wasting everyone’s time!” (Also that’s not a direct quote, mind you; it’s more a state of mind as we are all so tired of time and money being wasted on obvious attempts to make something out of nothing and chip away at women’s reproductive freedoms).

Suck on that clit, New Hampshire Right to Life. That clit that will continue to have access to affordable health services despite your efforts to the contrary.