Y’all be prepared because today’s blog is gonna be a DARK ONE. It’s maybe the fact that everyone’s sick or that it’s been a LONG YEAR, but we’re feeling a little dreary. And we’ve decided to use SAID dreariness to remind us all why the fight is so important and urgent.

We hear people all the time say that “it won’t be that bad” and “don’t be hysterical” and honestly we’re sure that shuts a lot of people up. Brilliant tactic, patriarchy. Make us feel like we’re being dramatic. But well… let’s just consider a few things.

ONE, “abortion reversal” is a bullshit tactic that anti-abortion people have been FORCING DOCTORS to tell their patients about. It’s an untested dose of medicine (read about this here) that lawmakers have just (let’s repeat) WRITTEN INTO LAWS. And this week it was proven to be not only useless but DANGEROUS FOR PATIENTS. Anti-abortion people are HURTING people with NO REGARD for their health. We’re not being hysterical enough. And then what does the other side do when presented with this information? GET MAD THAT WE STUDIED IT AT ALL!!!!!! Yes, that’s right they’ve decided INSTEAD of meeting the new study and its findings by backing off… they’re instead gonna pretend that no study should’ve EVER been done cuz it (BECAUSE IT’S AN ABORTION REVERSAL STUDY) had to include abortions. Fuckkkkkkk thatttt. 

And we then we read this seemingly neutral article about Missouri’s Planned Parenthood (THE LAST CLINIC IN THE STATE) having to go to court to fight for their rights. And… we just… couldn’t help but feel DRAMATIC again. Because the article CALMLY states “Lawmakers were able to stop money from going to Planned Parenthood by forgoing some federal funding to avoid requirements that the clinics be reimbursed if low-income patients go there for birth control, cancer screenings and other preventative care.”

OK LET’S SEE IF WE GET THIS STRAIGHT. The other side has decided that it’s WORTH it to them if poor people don’t get healthcare, has decided it’s ok to SACRIFICE the healthcare of poor people, BECAUSE it can mean that Planned Parenthood (EVEN IF IT DOESN’T PROVIDE ABORTIONS) doesn’t get funding. And they are JUST OUTRIGHT saying that. And people aren’t SCREAMING in the streets? People are just like “OK well, that’s a valid point to make… but consider that the Hy…” NO NO NO NO NO that is not a valid point to make!!!

And finally we’ve been pushing #ExposeFakeClinics for a while. We know they are predatory and bad. We know they trick vulnerable people. Yet the other side is like “you’re being hysterical, they just give out blankets… look at this ONE example from this ONE community where they helped this ONE woman.” And we’re just supposed to be like “Oh dip, ok well, investigation over.” NOOOOOO! Because a new study just came out that AGAIN says fake clinics are dangerous and predatory and disproportionately hurting people of color.