Shit’s about to get real, y’all. Good news is, Lady Parts Justice League has a plan. You can help.

Look, 2017 is going to be the worst. The Trump/Pence administration is declaring open warfare on abortion providers, access to women’s healthcare, and Roe v. Wade. People who hate reproductive autonomy, women and fun are ramping up their crazy, violent rhetoric and ready to turn it into laws.
They have the backing and resources to spread their venom to front doors of clinics across the country and the free time and aggressive lack of empathy to actively harass staff, providers and patients. These are the goons who spread lies about birth control and abortion like it’s their job, confusing people who need medically accurate information. They work day and night to destroy access to abortion and birth control.

But enough about them… let’s talk about us.  Lady Parts Justice League is ready to fight back.  We’ve got people, we’ve got plans and, with your support, we can stand between abortion providers and these daily douchetastic assaults on reproductive rights. For the next 28 days, we’re giving you a daily dose of how our work sheds light on scary anti-abortion legislation, while bringing love and support to clinicsThere are so many reasons to donate!