This weekend, we just wanted to have some quality ~*~self-care~*~*~ time, you know. So we sat down with a nice glass of wine to watch the U.S. Open. And then, dammit, a disaster ensued! It’d be great to enjoy one part of life without a constant reminder that women are less-respected than men! Can’t we just watch two powerful women play great tennis without SOMEONE FUCKING GETTING IN THEIR WAY!

It’s a gloomy Monday, the Kavanaugh hearings hang in limbo, Megan Amram didn’t win her Emmy. In general, times are rough. But, we can’t help but feel a little optimistic that at least now people are waking up. Take this great article from Pacific Standard about how fucking ridiculous parental consent laws are (the definition of “you say you’re helping, but you KNOW you’re not helping”). Or this article about the great work clinic escorts do in Kentucky, amidst some true bullshit.

But then of course the other side is still trying to defund Planned Parenthood. Oh yeah, and we are legit… on the floor at how precious the anti-choicers are being about a Brett Kavanaugh quote. See “Suddenly, The Left Loves Selectively Edited Videos” or Fox News’ “Kamala Harris, Planned Parenthood slammed for taking Kavanaugh out of context on birth control remarks” (Lol are you allowed to say “being slammed”.. BY US).

Let’s just real quick look at quote they are mad about. They said we took it out of context that Kavanaugh called birth control abortion inducing, because he was just talking about what one side THOUGHT. Kavanaugh said, talking about Priests for Life, “But they said filling out the form would make them complicit in the provision of the abortion-inducing drugs that they were, as a religious matter, objected to.” To interpret this as him just quoting them is REALLY GIVING SOMEONE THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT ON WHAT THEY ARE CHOOSING TO PARAPHRASE. Like, they said the complicit part, but he SPECIFICALLY added in the “abortion-inducing drugs” part. He coulda just said “the contraceptives” or “the drugs they believed were abortion-inducing.” Actually, the fact that he DIDN’T say “that they believed” is the biggest red flag. The “But they said” does not carry over to the term “abortion-inducing drugs” just cuz… it’s convenient. The phrase “abortion-inducing drugs” is deliberately wrong and to say so without a qualifier, is to stand by it. And furthermore, HE SIDED WITH THEM. So like, this point that he was just quoting them is… really really generous. And maybe, if we lived in a sane world we could be VERY GENEROUS to Brett Kavanaugh… but guess what, we fucking don’t. We live in a world where human beings fucking believe that contraceptives are “abortion-inducing.” And where THE DAY BEFORE Ted Cruz had called birth control abortion-inducing too.

So, spare us the “you’re taking this out of context” bullshit. Y’all are about as subtle with the dog whistles as a fucking dude wearing a huge dog costume with a NAZI armband on it.