Here is the thing. Everyone. The Population Institute gave the United States an F when it comes to Reproductive Rights. I’ve NEVER GOTTEN AN F IN MY LIFE! I FEEL LIKE THIS IS A REFLECTION OF ME EVEN THOUGH I WRITE A BLOG EVERY DAY ABOUT REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS. I WANT TO ASK THE TEACHER FOR EXTRA CREDIT. But like, what we’re saying is things are bad and have been bad. Florida just zoomed their parental consent bill through their house and senate. There’s a huge Supreme Court case coming up that could threaten the foundations of reproductive rights in the U.S. EVEN MORE. And Utah is trying to make doctors describe every centimeter of the ultrasound to a patient. 

Things are bad, we’re saying. But also something good DID occur. The law, acted as the law is supposed to act. Mississippi’s 6-week ban got blocked! Yes, my friends, after earlier this year a court ruled that a 15-week ban was unconstitutional, this week they decided “hey, 15 is GREATER THAN 6… so 6 is also unconstitutional.


So take that into your weekend and feel some joy!