Today is very stressful. We’re waiting for the Supreme Court to decide if Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt was just a big JK and we need to riot in the streets. You see, Louisiana passed an admitting privileges TRAP law (similar to the one that the Supreme Court said was UNCONSTITUTIONAL in Whole Woman’s) and yet for some reason this is still going to the Supreme Court.

And we couldn’t help but find this whole thing rather… ironic (is that the right word?), given what Lady Parts Justice League is doing this week. See, while apparently all abortion clinics need to be state of the art facilities full of medically unnecessary equipment (costing providers money and costing patients much needed healthcare), apparently FAKE clinics can just be like, vans.

Yes, there are these creepy vans rolling around trying to prey on vulnerable pregnant people, and for some reason A LOT OF PEOPLE SEEM TO BE PRETTY CHILL WITH THE WHOLE THING.

We are not, however, and we made this video to show you exactly how insidious these places are.

So make sure to #GramtheVan this week and from now on whenever you see one of these vans out and about. And don’t forget to head over to where they have all the info you need about where to spot these monster vans. And no, we don’t mean Monster vans, we’d take a free energy drink over a free ultrasound from a stranger ANY DAY.