In the 311 days of 2018 there have been 307 shootings in the United States. This is an emergency and we’re furious no one is acting like it. They’re trying to deny $1,000 dollars to Planned Parenthood, all while taking 10s of thousands from the NRA. They’re crying about how beautiful a zygote is in a sonogram,  all while walking over the graves of high school students. They’re passing laws that say a fertilized egg is a person in a STATE AMENDMENT, all while saying that a child at a concert is just collateral damage, the cost of 2nd amendment freedoms. Imagine reading a document that says you’re life is important when it’s merely hypothetical, but not at all important once you are born. This week they RELEASED a domestic terrorist with NO REMORSE for what she’d done, a terrorist who has inspired many others to commit violence against abortion providers. The other side has so, so much blood on their hands, and they have no moral high ground to stand on.

We’re sick of this being the reality, every day, and there just being SO SO much money on the other side so that it feels like such an uphill battle to stop it. But we will stop it. We have to.