Happy National Boyfriend Day! If you are one of the freaks that stands outside of a clinic yelling at patients we just want you to know that you are UNFUCKABLE! And we hope you are never someone’s BOYFRIEND!

Equal parts “truly no one asked you” to these guys trying to make “sanctuary cities for the unborn” and the man who stands outside the Jackson Women's Health Organization and who has vowed to still not be effing quiet even after AN BUFFER ZONE ORDINANCE WAS PUT IN PLACE. 

An especially happy National Boyfriend Day to the federal judge who blocked Georgia’s abortion ban! Hope you get some today! A … ~*~*~ neutral national boyfriend’s day to the judge in Virginia who blocked two ridiculous anti-abortion laws about clinic requirements but KEPT the waiting period law in place and mandatory ultrasounds. UMMMMMMMMM bro, know an undue burden when you SEE IT

And forever NOT happy National Boyfriend Day to Activist Mommy’s husband.