Lies our parents told us: In the old days, when kids asked where babies come from–and you didn’t want to get into the whole deal about motile sperm surrounding a giant egg like so many Starfighters going after the Death Star–parents would tell their kids that “the stork” brought babies. That made a little sense in Central Europe, where migratory storks nest on rooftops. In America, you might as well have told kids that babies come from bigfoot fucking a unicorn.

The point is that the whole deal with “the stork” was a convenient lie about childbirth. That makes it a perfect symbol for the “Save the Storks” organization. Their whole deal is lying about the options pregnant women have. Instead of telling fairy tales to kids, they’re telling twisted stories to confused and frightened women with the intent of shaming them.

“Save the Storks” criss-cross America in smarmy “stork buses,” lurking outside abortion clinics, offering free ultrasounds. They’re mobile versions of those phony pregnancy crisis centers, using a combination of guilt and lies to coerce women into having babies if they want them or not.

According to their website, they’ve raised 2.7 million dollars and have put 20 stork buses on the road (with 20 more “on the way.”) Hmmm… those are VERY expensive buses. Maybe the Save the Storks people are telling as many lies to their donors as they’re to the women they lure into the vans.