Thank Bank

Join us in thanking independent abortion providers!

Yaaas! But wait, what are independent abortion providers?

Look at it this way: if Planned Parenthood is like the Trader Joes of reproductive health care, indie clinics (as we say in the biz) are kinda like your neighborhood food coop. Independent abortion clinics provide close to 70% of all abortion care in the country, but they're largely unknown and often left out of the conversation. In 6 states, indies are the ONLY abortion provider. Often, they are fighting critical supreme court battles with their own funds. We all love our indie bookstores and coffee shops—it's time to learn about and support our indie abortion providers! (Learn more about indies here.)

At least four times a year, Abortion Access Front sends a postcard of thanks and support to every single independent abortion provider (and lots of Planned Parenthoods!) around the country. These clinics get tons of hate mail and protesters screaming outside every single day, not to mention the fact that they bear the brunt of the horrifying legislation coming down on abortion rights and access. Let’s show them some love! 

Throw a little postcard party with some pals: It’s very important to send postcards and NOT anything in an envelope. Plus, postcard stamps are cheaper! Design your own postcards, buy cute ones in a store, or download any of our designs below! Check out the Abortion Care Network and the National Abortion Federation to find providers to send them to.

Messages can be short and sweet, personal or not. Here are a few examples:

    • Thank you for the work you do every day to support women! You rock! – Beverly in St. Louis
    • You are heroes! Thank you all for the caring & quality services that you provide that protect women’s health. Xoxo – Jesse, Abortion AF volunteer

    • Without services like yours, I would [your own story…] THANK YOU! In solidarity, Sarah in San Diego

Take photos of you and your pals as you write and use the hasthtag #ThankBank and tag @AbortionFront on social media (without showing the provider’s address!) so we can repost and spread the love! See what other folks have posted here, here, and here