Abortion AF: The Tour

In 2016 Lady Parts Justice League (Now Abortion Access Front) started hearing from clinics all over the country that they felt overwhelmed by the anti-abortion hate monkeys.

They were fighting tooth and nail against an avalanche of garbage laws, (SPOILER ALERT: States have been trying this Alabama shit for years) working tirelessly to stay open, absorbing patients from clinics that couldn’t stay open, all while providing amazing care every day.

They were exhausted.

They needed some love. They needed their hedges trimmed. They needed a laugh.

We wanted to help, so in 2017 LPJL kicked off “The Vagical Mystery Tour” and for the past two summers, we have toured the country with a comedy and music experience that brings our fans together with abortion providers and local activists for a night of fun and community building. Part USO show/Part Habitat For Humanity, LPJL has been committed to bringing these amazing folks some joy, some self care all while creating something beautiful for them at their clinics.

But now it’s 2019 and those calls we got in 2016- they have doubled.

The world is on fire so we have made some big changes.

Gone is the name Lady Parts Justice League. Gone is the Vagical Mystery Summer Tour.


Because now we are Abortion AF and when you’re Abortion AF in 2019 you don’t just tour in the summer, YOU TOUR ALL FUCKING YEAR.

One thing that hasn’t changed? When abortion providers need help, #WeShowUp

Upcoming Dates

For booking information contact

Jin Moon at On the Moon Arts


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