Y’all mind if I pop off about syntax for a little bit? Let’s talk Kavanaugh! Ugh, because we have to. So I guess cuz we live in fucking opposite world or something because people are arguing over whether Kavanaugh ACTUALLY said that birth control pills are abortion-inducing. So let’s go to the tape! Here is the FULL QUOTE “That was a group that was being forced to provide a certain kind of health coverage over their religious objection to their employees. And under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act the question was first, is this substantial burden, on the religious exercise? And it seemed to me quite clearly it was. It was a technical matter of filling out a form. And in that case they said filling out the form would make them complicit in the provision of THE abortion-inducing drugs that they were, as a religious matter, objected to.”  (Real quick at the fucking joke that he said ‘forced’ here. Yeah these POOR FUCKING PEOPLE who HAD EMPLOYEES and were forced to FILL OUT A FORM that PROVIDED THOSE EMPLOYEES HEALTHCARE. Who wants to live in that fucking America, amirite?)

OK so, fuck everyone giving him the goddamn benefit of the doubt there. This guy does so much frickin’ awkward winking to the anti-choice movement that he better buy it a drink soon. I mean, he dropped the phrase “abortion on demand” like it was going out of style at the hearings. He fucking perjured himself. We know where he stands. But yet still live in some bizarro world where our side has to be perfect (oh is that hallway an eighth of an inch too big? Well guess you can’t practice healthcare) and their side can get away with saying “baby killers” like twenty times and still win elections.

I’m gonna be 100% real, even reading that quote exactly as written, there’s NO FUCKING WAY he is just quoting the case, like he claimed **again awkward winking*** in a recent interview. And shame on EVERYONE who keeps going after Kamala Harris for tweeting the quote “out of context.” FUCKING SUCK MY CLIT SHOULD SHE HAVE JUST TWEETED THE WHOLE GODDAMN HEARING VIDEO SO WE KNEW LIKE, EXACTLY WHAT WAS GOING ON?

And shame on EVERYONE who is giving him any sort of the benefit of the doubt here. He’s about to be a fucking SUPREME COURT JUSTICE (well, not if we can help it). WORDS ARE PRETTY DAMN IMPORTANT FOR THEM!

I’m so mad about this I’m about to break this sentence down. So first he says “They said filling out the form…” And that, for everyone, is ENOUGH to say that he was just quoting them. I mean, come the fuck on. And you know WHY it’s bullshit to give him the benefit of the doubt… because he brings in ANOTHER qualifier later when he says “They were, as a religious matter..” so like, he knows to reaffirm that he’s talking about what they believed THERE but doesn’t… idk feel the need to qualify that “abortion-inducing” is also something that is not real at all but just something they believe??? HMMMMM

But the most damning part is that he says, “THE abortion inducing drugs.” So if we were supposed to read phrase “abortion-inducing” with quotation marks… then he shouldn’t have said “the.” He knows that he is speaking (I mean, we assume), if he were AGAINST the idea that the drugs were abortion inducing he 400% should’ve said “the drugs they believed to be… abortion inducing.” Or even, and this is a stretch in terms of what I’d allow, if he said “the provision of abortion-inducing drugs, which…” I coulda MAYBE given him the “OK maybe this is in air quotes” kinda leeway you all seem SO QUICK to give a guy, who again, is gonna be forced to interpret FUCKING FOUR WORDS IN THE CONSTITUTION TO DECIDE A BUNCH OF CASES! But the “the” is really damning, it’s establishing that he is here, going away from setting up the form, and instead INTRODUCING “the abortion-inducing drugs.” It breaks the sentence in a way that makes it NOT part of a quote anymore, but a deliberate choice, to say. He could’ve just said birth control, contraceptives, even PLAN B, but he… did not.


Do you have any idea how much I want to throw my desk against the wall reading how the media is bending over backgrounds to be like “Well, syntax is everything and shame on the Democrats for taking this out of context.” HEY REMEMBER THE TIME THAT DONALD TRUMP FUCKING MOCKED A MAN WITH A DISABILITY AND THEN GOT AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE THE OTHER SIDE WAS LIKE “HE WAS JOKING.” YEAH HOW ABOUT FUCK YOU TRYING TO BE A SYNTAX SAVANT NOW!

OK, anyway, as you all know Kavanaugh is bad news for reproductive rights. Call your senators. And don’t fucking let them piss on your leg and tell you it’s raining. We’re better than this!