Nine years ago today—on May 31, 2009—Doctor George Tiller, a caring and compassionate abortion provider, was viciously gunned down by a  domestic terrorist named Scott Roeder. Tiller was assassinated on a Sunday, while attending church by someone who called himself a “pro-lifer.”

Today, we remember Dr. Tiller’s death, and honor his life.

#WeHonorDrTillerBecause is a place to express your appreciation for someone who dedicated his career and his entire life to helping people. And a place for you to help out as well. Dr. Tiller is gone, but the need for the things he provided to so many people is still with us.

We honor Dr. Tiller because: he was fearless. He faced horrific attacks leading up to the one that cost him his life. His clinic had been bombed. He received endless death threats. And he had already been shot in both arms in a previous attack. He went into his clinic the next day and performed procedures.

We honor Dr. Tiller because: he was tireless. He fought off sidewalk stalkers and high-powered lawyers. He endured endless harassment from reptiles like Bill O’Reilly who called him “Tiller the Baby Killer” and incited the sort of hatred that eventually took Dr. Tiller’s life.

We honor Dr. Tiller because: he cared. George Tiller’s greatest legacy is the people he helped. He eased the burden of victims of rape and incest and domestic abuse. He allowed people to make the most of their lives and give the most to their families.   

We honor Dr. Tiller because: he knew the importance of providing abortion care for all, and especially in later stage pregnancies. We need more doctors like him. Abortion access is under siege like at no time since Roe v. Wade first passed. The threat of violence is greater than ever. And relentless hostility from the powerful anti-choice movement is reducing access to birth control and early abortion services, not to mention where and how doctors can be trained to provide abortions at all pregnancy stages. Today we also want to honor Dr Leroy Carhart,  another man who is carrying on Dr Tiller’s Legacy.

Dr. Leroy Carhart trained under Dr. Tiller and worked at his clinic. At age, 77, Dr Carhart is one of only three doctors trained to provide advanced gestational abortions, and instead of retiring, he spends his free time training the next generation of providers. He needs our help. Here’s how you can help him continue to train young doctors willing to take the risk to make sure women and pregnant people who need life saving abortions, will have access to the care they need:

Thank you Dr Tiller, Thank you Dr Carhart. We celebrate you every day!