It’s time to talk about the D! 

Democrat we mean. That D you see when you go to the polls. Sure, you maybe didn’t do the research, I mean, Love Island was on… but look at you, voting all Democrat on your ballot, you’re really sticking it to anti-abortion haters, right?

Well, actually, WRONG! Because if there’s anything we can teach you here, it’s that local elections are literal free-for-alls and you cannot trust anything to be obvious! 

And if you think local ELECTIONS are a shit show… well you should see local legislative procedure.

The circus of it all is what prompted our founder Lizz Winstead to make a new video with Unrestrict Minnesota!

You see Minnesota SEEMS pretty liberal (and compared to certain states … looking at you 6-week ban Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, Iowa) but their sneaky politicians passed an anti-abortion bill in 2003 by  (WAIT FOR IT) disguising it as a circus bill.

*Record scratch* Yes it is really that insane. And also… ummm… that confusing. We needed a COMPLETELY sober person to explain it to us! Because it’s ALL legal-loopholes and tricks that truly… no one should be able to get away with. BUT REMEMBER WHAT WE SAID AT THE BEGINNING. Local politics are RIDIC.

Watch a completely sober Lizz explain this nonsense. CLICK HERE

Because of all this there’s a 24-hour waiting period to get an abortion inMinnesota. AND doctors are required to tell patients some bullshit, like that there’s a link between breast cancer and abortion. Just so we’re clear: that’s a lie. Just a lie that someone who works at a CLINIC is FORCED to tell a patient. Unrestrict Minnesota has more on the bad laws in the state like the fact that both parents have to be informed if a minor has an abortion. Oh and clinic workers have to tell the patient that the father is required to pay child support… you know, fun NORMAL stuff!! NOT! 

So what are we leaving you with today?? Laws like this can happen because local government is the Wild West and so you should 1. Run for office! Or 2. Research who you’re voting for every time! And don’t let any politician get away with this circus act again!