Y’all we read a lot of articles that make our blood boil EVERY WEEK by anti-abortion monsters who just refuse to listen to any sort of REASON or really just have any sort of humanity. I mean, pregnant people on our side write harrowing tale after harrowing tale of experiences that strengthen the need for reproductive access and the other side is like “eh, whatever, not gonna change our mind.” And that sucks. But we’re feeling like this particular garbage we read on Townhall this week… well… it just kinda takes the cake. 

OK it’s title is “As Planned Parenthood Shuns Taxpayer Funds, Women Discover Better Options” and we shoulda just like, closed out of that and watched the Star Wars trailer again but… WE READ IT! And it is RICH. 

Here is a little snippet:

“Federally qualified health clinics and other rural and community health centers outnumber Planned Parenthood clinics by as much as 20 to one and they offer many services that Planned Parenthood does not: mammograms, immunizations, and care for medical disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, and hypothyroidism. A woman is more than a uterus, and these clinics can more holistically care for women and their families.”

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL y’all we think the other side is trying to argue that we… don’t know what… doctors are. Or that we think Planned Parenthood is the only… place for healthcare. UMMMMMMMMM. Also DIABETES IS NOT WHAT TITLE X MONEY IS FOR YOU FUCKING IDIOT! TITLE X IS FAMILY PLANNING MONEY! AND YOUR SIDE HAS GUTTED IT IN THEIR SINGLE-MINDED QUEST.

And then we get that this is just our new reality but… we don’t like being fucking lied too so effing blatantly paragraph after paragraph. So then the writer decides to talk about Texas:

“In 2011, the legislature substantially decreased women’s health funding in an attempt to divert funding from Planned Parenthood. Unfortunately, this also impacted non-abortion providing women’s health clinics. The state recognized their error, and women’s health funding has substantially increased in every legislative session since.”

THIS WAS YOUR SIDE’S FAULT. ARE YOU NOW BLAMING PLANNED PARENTHOOD FOR GETTING DEFUNDED BY YOU FUCKING MONSTERS??? REALLLYY?? REALLY?? And guess what, women’s health funding INCREASING may seem great but… GUESS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO GUESS WHAT IF YOU’VE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION… A LOT OF THIS MONEY WENT TO FAKE CLINICS WHO…. DING DING DING DING DING DING DING couldn’t handle the onslaught of people they said they could and didn’t end up helping as many people as they claimed they could

“Planned Parenthood deceptively states that these clinics will be unable to handle the large volumes of women who can no longer receive care at Planned Parenthood.” 

OK so… this shouldn’t be hard to explain. If a group who in some states was the ONLY place receiving and using Title X money… stops receiving that money… what do we… think is gonna happen? It seems pretty obvious, Cheryl. We don’t have data yet since this just started but there are… literally no news stories that are like “Planned Parenthood got defunded and LOOK everyone is thriving and there isn’t a mass outbreak of chlamydia now!” LOOK TO IOWA! Where a successful defunding of Planned Parenthood looked like… a LOT OF PATIENTS NOT GETTING CARE

Anti-abortion people act like they care so much about life… but they completely see patients as collateral damage in their war on abortion. And it’s always so, so apparent. It’s disgusting.