Y’all when you see the name “humanity of the unborn child” bill … what do you think that means? Did you guess “Ohio politicians trying to teach sex education”? NO BECAUSE THAT IS PATENTLY RIDICULOUS. Look, anti-abortion politicians, it is V v v obvious you do not understand sex education. Like, beyond obvious, it is embarrassingly clear, like you can’t even spell it. 

One of the explicit goals of the bill is to get an “abortion-free society.” And with the measure they’d teach how the fetus looks at different points in the pregnancy.

And we just have to say… this is the most anti-abortion nonsense we’ve ever heard! Like… “We don’t want people to have abortions but we will do… absolutely NOTHING to actually prevent unintended pregnancies… we’ll just try to make more people feel guilty.” It’s just so OBVIOUS! There are a LOT of ways to reduce unplanned pregnancy. There is a LOT that teens NEED and SHOULD learn about sexual health. WHAT A FETUS LOOKS LIKE AT 8 WEEKS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE THINGS. 

Also let’s call a moratorium on all these CREEPILY named bills. Enough is enough.