Today let’s talk about fucking striving. Because the truth is, amidst all this extremist nonsense that has been coming at us from all angles (like some kinda bad porno) this year, we’ve been fighting back!

Like in West Virginia, where the reproductive rights movement was just dealt a HUGE BLOW, because of a recently passed anti-abortion constitutional amendment. WITHOUT missing a frickin’ beat (like literally, taking no time to just be depressed) West Virginia Free calculated the amount of money they needed to cover medicaid abortions that wouldn’t be covered any more and they started fundraising (you can still donate here). Then they started to think of ways to enhance the birth control programs the state has and make them better. It’s like, man West Virginia activists, when do you sleep??

And in terms of the national nightmare that are these “abortion is allowed but only if you are not pregnant” laws: in Iowa the ACLU lawyers moved to get the ‘6-week abortion ban’ dismissed, and in Ohio tons of incredible protests showed up to tell legislators how shitty a 6-week ban would be, and now that vote is delayed too. Honestly, y’all, when do you SLEEP?

So look, sometimes life throw a billion lemons at you, but thanks to the great people out here making lemonade.