Another slow week as we await state legislatures coming back from vacation and thinking “I’m gonna ruin something.” David Daleiden, world’s worst self-proclaimed “investigative journalist” is in the court again, because he just CAN’T stop losing! He loves it! Ryan Magers (we refuse to look up if that’s the correct spelling of his name) retreats back into his life as NOT a dad as his creepy case to sue the clinic for the rights of an aborted fetus… got thrown out

And oh look, anti-abortion-ers are mad that we said they’re connected to white nationalists. Look we don’t have to LOOK FAR to be like “here’s a white nationalist who also hates abortion.” I MEAN HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT STEVE KING HAS BEEN SAYING LATELY. He’s so unhinged the door is like, in the ocean somewhere. 

So any way a woman wrote an article titled “How white nationalists aligned themselves with the antiabortion movement” pegged to Steve King lol, because AGAIN, he is IN THE NEWS, as a TRUE LUNATIC! And OF COURSE a man wanted to respond. 

Now a fun game to play is “Read an article by an anti-abortion writer WITHOUT ANY JUDGMENT.” It’s fun because if you go in like “OK I’m gonna just take this at face value and see if I’m convinced” then you will… hilariously see how quickly he reveals his ass.

May we present to you… the second paragraph. 

“The hope may be that tarring pro-lifers with white nationalism will distract attention from the agenda the Democrats have rallied around as they head into 2020. That would include federally funded abortion on demand up to the moment of birth—and even after birth, if necessary, as Ralph Northam, the pediatric neurologist and Democratic governor of Virginia, awkwardly made clear earlier this year.”

OK real quick maybe not the BEST to start off an argument about not being racist by… saying that you are being “tarred.” And establishing yourself as the real victim. 

And also THEY ARE STILL PUSHING THIS “Abortion after birth” thing. THIS IS NOT A THING. If we were living in an effing logical world with polite debate ANY HUMAN PERSON would hear a DOCTOR say that sometimes babies are born too soon and then they do die but the parents can decide end of life care and be like “Oh, yeah, that’s a different thing. It’s very sad.” ANY SANE PERSON would not FOREVER USE this as an argument that there’s some kind of post-birth abortion that can be done. ANY SANE PERSON would hear a DOCTOR talking about a VERY SAD THING and be like “OK so he maybe kind of misspoke, but I’m logical and can see what he is talking about.”


I mean, the rest of the article is the usual “well we value EVERY life so like, YOU all racist because you KILL babies” nonsense that isn’t even worth continuing to mention. Except to say… if you are SINGLE ISSUE then you do not value lives equally. If all you care about is forcing birth, and not making life better for EVERYONE then you are NOT someone who loves life. 

“But no pro-lifer ever said life is easy. We say life is beautiful.” is his kicker. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! What you say really is “we are selective about the lives we care about. We are selective in deciding what kinds of hardships we’ll be compassionate about. ‘Life’ isn’t easy… so we chose to pretend lives stop mattering post-birth.”