vag-dentist (1)

What if you were forced to visit an ophthalmologist to treat your bunions? Or for that matter, a podiatrist to check your vision? Um, no. No you wouldn’t stand for that.. That just sounds ridiculous and ridiculously dangerous, almost like someone in government just doesn’t give a shit about you getting the best healthcare you can.

Well that is just what is happening in Bobby Jindal’s Louisiana.  

While attempting to defund Planned Parenthood, the Jindalogic contingency plan is to send PP’s patients to any ol’ local healthcare provider such as “ophthalmologists; nursing homes caregivers; dentists; ear, nose, & throat doctors; and even cosmetic surgeons.” Hell, why not the vet?

I’ve always wanted a pap smear from the place they spayed my dog! Maybe I’ll get a treat!

How much louder does this anti women, anti humanity message have to be before we fight back?

I  barely want a dentist drilling in my mouth, nevermind my… just ugh

–  Wriiten by LPJL Sharron, Posted by Lizz