Over half of the people who can get pregnant live in states with abortion laws that fly in the face of science. That’s right–if you’re a person of childbearing age, there’s a 53% chance you live in a state with intentionally idiotic laws telling you what you can or can’t do with your body.

That’s just one of the mind-fuck statistics in a new report from the Guttmacher Institute. The study found TEN (count ‘em–10!) categories of abortion restrictions that have ZERO basis in science.

Not to mention common sense. Or common decency.

They broke these shit-show laws (not their term) into three categories: TRAP laws designed to shut clinics down with bogus “safety” rules, useless and hypocritical laws that require waiting periods and/or mandatory counseling before a person can have an abortion, and phony “fetal pain” laws that contradict all the actual medical science on the subject.

Over half of the uterus havens in America live in states that have at least two of these scientifically bogus abortion restrictions. 30% live in states that have five or more of the Terrible Ten!

And–NO SURPRISE–the lowest circle of Reproductive Rights Hell is reserved for those who live in Texas or Kansas. Both states have eight of the ten anti-science laws–AND they both have another two of the laws currently being blocked by a court order. That means Texas and Kansas both have ALL 10 scientifically bogus laws! Two-way tie for last!

Many of these laws don’t just ignore science, they gleefully contradict it. Six states require that anyone seeking an abortion be told that abortion has serious mental health consequences, something that’s been disproven by countless studies.

It’s no surprise that abortion laws in so many states are witches’ brews of lies and misinformation. As the Guttmacher report points out, we live under a presidential administration that Trumpets “alternative facts.” The official spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services is a woman who claims against all evidence that abortion causes breast cancer, IUD’s have “life-ending properties,” and birth control doesn’t reduce the number of abortions.

You can’t make this shit up. But they keep on doing just that.