Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.55.11 PMWhen it comes to anti-choice bullshit, Texas is like an iPhone. There’s always an update that’s gonna make things worse just around the corner. There’s no such thing as peak fuckery in this state. In their unrelenting quest to mess with the health of women, they’ve gone one step further and have served Texas Planned Parenthoods with a subpoena for medical records related to fetal tissue donation. Clearly, this is a violation of patient confidentiality. Even by Texas standards, this is egregious. Also, there’s no denying this is politically motivated and completely unconcerned with actually protecting patients.

But if we’re going to be invading the privacy of patients and medical records are fair game, we have a suggestion. We’d like to subpoena the medical records of anti-choice crusaders who are behind this investigation. We want their psychological profiles, IQ’s and a thorough explanation of the type of damage that can motivate someone to become so vicious.