This may seem contradictory to your current reality, but we want to let you know: today is not Friday.

It kinda seemed that everyone realized this week that these “heartbeat” bills were happening across the country and you know what, better late than never. Ohio once again passed their “heartbeat” bill because, once you pop you can’t stop we guess. They’ve been doing this for a while but the governor LITERALLY JUST SIGNED IT, so sorry Ohio schools and roads, you’re about to lose a lot of money on a useless lawsuit to prove what we ALL KNOW which is that this is SUPER unconstitutional!

But also, surprisingly, Tennessee DIDN’T PASS or vote on their heartbeat bill! It’s because… they really wanna pass a trigger bill 🙁 but… STILL GOOD NEWS!
Also we just wanna mention a funny, terrible thing that happened this week that like, obviously DOESN’T matter: this WEIRDO alien comics guy! Went to the March for Life. Is obvs anti-choice. NOTHING IS GOOD! Fin.