We began this week with one of our least favorite writers in the world BREAKING the story that HOLY SHIT this Vermont nurse was … ASKED TO DO HER JOB! Yes, a nurse who like, we assume in the job interview when they asked her “What’s your favorite thing about being a nurse” screamed, “I WILL NOT PERFORM ABORTIONS” feels that she was FORCED to perform an abortion. 

Then the queen Dr. Monica McLemore wrote a piece for Vice titled, “If You Don't Want to Provide Abortions, Don't Go Into Healthcare.” And that’s what it ultimately boils down to! You should feel safe and confident in your job. But if you’re a NURSE your job is about doing everything in your power to help your patients. And if you are NOT doing that because of your opinions, you are not doing your job. It’s like if someone said “I don’t approve of your lifestyle choices so I won’t treat you.” OH WAIT A LOT OF SHITTY DOCTORS DO THAT AND SHOULD STOP!

That brings us to an even bigger issue here, while the government was busy deciding the most important thing is if a nurse gets to say she hates abortion and get a longer lunch break, Catholic hospitals are just allowed to DO THEM. We talk about how sinister fake clinics are all the time, tricking patients, lying to them. But CATHOLIC HOSPITALS are just out there in the world, being TRICKSTERS TOO.

Enter this new study “Women's Expectation of Receiving Reproductive Health Care at Catholic and Non‐Catholic Hospitals” which found that most people DO expect Catholic hospitals to offer birth control and abortions in the case of miscarriage. The study breaks it down by income and that info is interesting too… but really the important info here is that PEOPLE ARE BEING PLAYED BECAUSE THEY THINK A HOSPITAL WILL PROVIDE … oh, I don’t know HEALTHCARE.

Look we’re not gonna go on a big rant about the separation of church and state TODAY, but… here’s the thing… healthcare providers should provide healthcare. A NOVEL THOUGHT! It’s like healthcare week this week on the blog.

And in terms of separation of church and state… fetuses shouldn’t need to be buried or cremated. THAT’S NOT EVERYONE’S RELIGIOUS PREFERENCE, TEXAS!