OK so we need to talk about that New York Times article As Passions Flare in Abortion Debate, Many Americans Say ‘It’s Complicated’ complete with a compassionate photo of an anti-abortion democrat looking sadly into the distance. To this we just have to say: no SHIT, Sherlock.

We wear our Abortion AF shirts and say we’re pro-abortion, because we think it is a vital and necessary part of healthcare and the healthcare conversation in the United States. We think taking abortion rights away would be detrimental to people who can get pregnant (and people who can GET people pregnant) everywhere. WE DON’T LACK A FUCKING UNDERSTANDING OF THE FACT THAT IT MEANS DIFFERENT THINGS TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

Honestly, these kind of articles infuriate us to no end. Because they act like abortion exists in this kind of bubble where “here’s just like, my personal thoughts on abortion” even matter. Of COURSE you yourself can think “Well, abortion is not for me, but I support it.” Of COURSE you yourself can think “Well, I PERSONALLY would not get an abortion.”

But that’s not like… a nuanced take. You are not deep to be like “well I support it at 18 weeks but not 19.” You are not deep to be like “Well, I think if you just forgot your birth control, then maybe you should have it.” You are not DEEP to be like “Well, if you are raped then you should get one but otherwise it’s your responsibility.” You are just being judgmental. You are not DEEP to be like “I support abortion but my tax dollars shouldn’t pay for it.” You are being punitive.

People need abortions. Period. We can not morally know all the ways and reasons people need abortions. All we can do is be compassionate.