It’s #GivingTuesday and so we are giving you, yes, a plea for money! You see, this year we took a bus at 2 a.m. to protest on the steps of the Supreme Court in the rain… And well, we assume we’re gonna have to do that a lot more next year. One of our co-workers got arrested TWICE protesting Kavanaugh in DC… and well, we assume we’re gonna need even more bail money. We beautified clinics, travelled over 4,000 miles, and helped gather volunteers in each state who will keep on protecting reproductive rights in their community. Oh, and we just started an “Adopt a Clinic” program that will donate supplies to places around the United States. We’re pretty excited about it y’all, email us if you want more info!

So give today because of all that! And give because even a federal judge agreed that TRAP laws are just gaslighting, but they’re still on the books all over the United States. Give because Ohio might pass a veto-proof 6-week abortion ban. Give because Iowa already did pass a 6-week ban. Give because West Virginia lost over $300k in Medicaid funding on election day and we’ve been amplifying their fund and getting the word out! Give because there’s a lot of fucked up shit going on out there, and we are on the ground day in and day out, fighting for reproductive rights! We won’t stop, but we need your help to really amp up our efforts in 2019. Maybe if you give enough we can go 8,000 miles next year!