Y’all things are looking pretty bleak in ye olde WORLD… and more specifically ye’ olde worlde of abortion access.

The coronavirus is making it more and more obvious what we’ve always known: that all the barriers that anti-abortion warios put in place to make it harder to get an abortion are… COMPLETE NONSENSE and dangerous. We really wish a fucking pandemic wasn’t needed to show people that. And also the single-minded anti-abortion morons are out in FULL SWING now. You see, we spend our days oscillating between being afraid for everyone we know and everyone we don’t know and trying to do some tangible good. They:

  1. Try to get abortion banned at all cost. I mean, holy fuck there are MULTIPLE articles about how hard it is for different people to get abortions in Texas now. You have any idea how many people HAD TO BE AFFECTED for journalists to be able to find this many articles. Heck, the Cut has a whole piece that’s just “here are the states who when faced with a crisis thought ‘let’s ban abortion’.” 
  2. ARE TALKING ABOUT FREE SPEECH! Y’all… we… cannot. Imagine thinking… the most IMPORTANT thing in America right now… is your fucking right to yell at patients that they are whores! IMAGINEEEEE!

It’s hard to stay positive, we know, but let us tell you we are working OVERTIME on a very big project for you all to donate to! 

And hey, let’s add in one thing we can all get behind: good tv and a great villain. Mrs. America on Hulu is about an enemy we’ve been talking about FOREVER: Phyllis Schlafly. That bitch was anti-women and fighting against her own interest since BEFORE the 53%. She’s anti-gay, racist, classist, the absolute WORST person. And… we can’t wait for everyone to see just how despicable she is. So watch Mrs. America and come talk to us about it!