As we waited 7 hours on a fucking stalled G train this morning we couldn’t help but wonder “Is New York the best city in the world?”

You see, New Yorkers get accused of being liberal elites a lot and we do always want to avoid too elitist traps. But then as we were protesting Fox News yesterday we were reminded … HEY these dudes are ALSO here!! Like, they pretend to be so down home and normal… but they all get reservations in Tribeca like the REST of us (lol jk, we could never afford to).

And look, there are some things that New York does that are good! Theater and the Reproductive Health Act for instance. And while we’re sure Kansas will eventually produce some hilariously-disturbing all-white versions of Hamilton in high schools, what they want to make VERY CLEAR is that they hate the RHA. So clear, in fact that they TOOK TIME to VOTE to condemn us for our actions (of again, caring for pregnant people and their health). Texas TOO is proposing anti-abortion legislation that is meant to counter New York.  

To that we say: fuck you, we’re walking here.