So here’s the thing about Veteran’s Day: all the free donuts for Veteran’s or BOGO Chipotle or emotional meme posts about supporting our troops are well and good! I mean, everyone likes a free snack! But when can’t forget the fact that when it comes to HEALTHCARE we’ve completely failed our veteran’s. So your “Support our troops today! Share a flag picture!” FB post isn’t really like… getting veteran’s the medicine they deserve, CAROL! 

Every year there’s a new article about how TRICARE, the military’s health insurance, doesn’t cover abortion and how seeking an abortion proves especially tricky for active duty servicewomen. This year the Military Times points out that specific state bans also cause additional harm to service members! So we just wonder HOW many times do we have to write the same article for something to change? Or do you just post pictures on Facebook of like, a soldier greeting a dog (which look IS GREAT) but not REALLY care about the soldier’s health?? 

Oh and also we read this INFURIATING article about how service members are denied birth control while deployed because of General Order 1, “which limits alcohol consumption and cohabitation for troops deployed to war zones.” To this we would also say WHAT HAVE YOU FUCKS DONE ABOUT ALL THE RAPES THAT OCCUR OVERSEAS? But we’re freakin’ fuming over this. No birth control so you won’t be tempted??? Like, really? What kind of doctor is that cruel? Certainly not the kind of doctor you want TAKING CARE OF OUR TROOPS, right, guy who posts 50 memes a day about how not standing for the flag is not supporting our troops.

This is all a reminder that your Facebook memes mean nothing if there’s not real change to ACTUALLY help members of the military. When they’re deployed AND when they’re back home.