Lady Parts Justice League continues to explore The Building of Sauron’s Army as we examine the key players Donnie Trump has chosen to surround himself with, all of whom are extremely anti-choice.

Nazgul Leader Jeff Sessions (who you may recall was denied federal Judgeship in the 80s for being too racist) is Trump’s pick for Attorney General.

Jeff Sessions, who has been the Republican Senator from Alabama for two decades, is actively against women’s rights, voting rights, immigrants rights, racial equality. You know, human freedoms stuff, Jeff says no good.

A few things to know about Jeff Sessions and women (maybe pop a few Tums before reading)…

Sessions said of Trump’s pussy grabbing comments, Improper…But not sexual assault.

Sessions voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Woman Act which essentially was aimed to protect LGBT and Native American populations from domestic violence.

Sessions voted to cut funding to programs helping female and POC owned businesses.

In all instances possible Sessions has voted against abortion rights. If there was a vote out there that he could attend to put a stop to women having choices, Sessions showed up to make sure women would be having their rights taken away. Dedicated hate.

This includes but is not limited to: voted against plan to reduce teen pregnancy through education and contraception (which for sure seems smart if you are against abortions), voted in support of ban on abortions on military bases, voted to defund organizations that perform abortions, voted to prohibit federal funding for abortions, voting against support of Roe v. Wade resolution.

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Trump’s army of evil is fortifying and gathering in the growing darkness!

*Jeff Sessions Graphic by Monica Mohan @MonicaMohanStudio