Well somehow it is ALREADY JULY this year is halfway over and it has been a real doozy for reproductive rights. As Jessica González-Rojas says in this great piece on Medium, the Kavanaugh appointment really did make these states think it was a free-for-all when it came to “ignoring the Constitution.”

So it’s time to take stock of what’s coming and what’s in limbo and what’s getting blocked. A quick reminder: the 6-week ban has NOT gone into effect in any state. It hopefully never will, but in many ways the damage they wanted done is done already, people who are confused will think it’s banned, people will not get the care they need out of fear. HAVE A FUN FUCKING FOURTH OF JULY, WE GUESS. Don’t honestly know how these people can sleep at night. 

Speaking of monsters who shouldn’t be able to sleep at night: Huff Post picked up the recent “abortion reversal” trend. We’ve joked before about how people who believe life begins at conception like… cannot be reasoned with… cuz come on!!! Like, that’s so extreme, we can’t even handle it. But the true “leaving science to the birds” loser are those people who tout “abortion reversal” as a real thing that exists. Guess what, it doesn’t. The long-term effects of it have NOT been studied. It like, doesn’t even work half of the time. WHY IS THIS IS FUCKING LEGISLATION!?!?! I mean, rhetorical, we know why. But it’s the equivalent of being like “if you throw this up, you haven’t eaten it” but, you know, IN WRITTEN LAW. GAHHHHH!

And finally we leave you with the starkest story because, as you can tell, we are feeling the darkness. You have to read this article titled “Alabamians Defend Arrest of Woman Whose Fetus Died in Shooting.” The headline is truly cringe-inducing and you’re worried it’s gonna be another Times “Both sides” kinda story. But it actually just offers up what a horror it is to live in Alabama and show how many people there really don’t care about reproductive rights. They can’t all be badass activists!

OK go have an icee pop, it’s been a rough one.