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There are a number of amazing benefits to masturbation. Including the obvious–the bliss of release, glowing skin, an improved attitude! At least, according to my own anecdotal evidence.


According to an article in Maxim–a magazine whose mission is to provide “content that promises to seduce, entertain and continuously surprise readers–masturbation isn’t good for you. Well, color us surprised!


Dr. Stuart Brody “discovered that there's a 400% higher concentration of chemicals like oxytocin and prolactin during sexual intercourse than with solo orgasms.” Which presumably means masturbation is less satisfying than intercourse. Okay, that’s cool. Sexual intercourse is fantastic, but sometimes it’s not always an option. Sometimes your own hand (or battery operated device) can please you better than a partner.


The dubious science behind this study only included penile-vaginal sex. How rude! That’s not everybody’s jam. There are so many other ways to do it!


Dr. Brody also posits that masturbation becomes addictive because people are more likely to chase the “high” that intercourse would provide, like a drug addict would. Also not the case! Dr. David Ley debunks this. Though some people might refer to dopamine as “the brain’s cocaine,” that’s not true.

According to Dr. Ley “It appears that there are many people whose brains demonstrate lower sensitivity to dopamine and other such neurochemicals. These people tend to be “high sensation-seekers” who are jumping out of airplanes, doing extreme sports, or even engaging in lots of sex or lots of kinky sex. These behaviors aren’t caused by a development of tolerance or desensitizing, but in fact, the other way around—these behavior patterns are a symptom of the way these peoples’ brains work, and were made.”


I don’t understand why MAXIM of all publications doesn’t want people to masturbate. Isn’t jerkin it a huge part of their business model? Is the magazine industry not having a hard enough time?


So what can we take away from this? Go f*ck yourself! It’s good for you.
H/T to RH Reality Check