Today we read the reproductive rights news out of Tennessee and we think it perfectly describes the hypocrisy of the fools who call themselves “pro-life” and pretend to care about pregnant people. A tale in two headlines:

Tennessee Pro-Life Grassroots Activists Turn Out In Support Of Heartbeat Bill

Incarcerated pregnant women are shackled in Tennessee. That needs to stop. | Opinion


So the “death by a thousand” cuts strategy that the right is using against Roe should be called “death by a week at a time” now. Enter the Utah abortion ban that was cut to “15 weeks” but is now “18 weeks” for reasons of convenience. It is funny to us how arbitrary all these numbers are… almost as if they are … just set up to punish people for no reasonnnnn. The best thing about this article is that the politician supporting the bill admits this could cost the state $3 million dollars in legal fees. Imagine going to a big pit in the desert and all your state politicians are there and you just have to sit and watch them as they burn three million dollars. That’s what this is.

Speaking of states not doing their jobs, props to the Government Accountability Office for reporting on how states… also just hate women and pregnant people and no one gives a fuck. So people are supposed to be able to use Medicaid benefits for abortions in cases that are life threatening or of rape and incest. SEEMS LIKE THE BARE MINIMUM LEVEL OF HUMANITY we could get, right?

Well wrong, because a lot of states have just… not been doing this or imposing ridiculous hoops that (yes let’s be clear) RAPE VICTIMS need to go through to obtain healthcare. We think the most telling part of this story is that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services KNEW South Dakota was not in compliance with this rule and … sent them a letter in 1994. And like, nothing changed and it didn’t matter.

Anyone wanna quickly go rage out and break a desk or two? Make sure your state is not on one of these lists and if it is FIGHT LIKE HELL to make sure they know it’s not OK!