People, it’s all on the internet; we can read.” Irin Carmon, we love you. Cuz you are so right, sure Kavanaugh might be all “settled law” here and “evaded question” there, but … we’re not idiots. And we’re most certainly not hysterical, although we are getting more and more furious. The Kavanaugh hearings are next week, so the time to step up is now!

Stop the spread of #KPV, the Kavanaugh Patriarchy Virus, threatening to infect our whole nation. Some Senators (**Cough cough** Collins) seem particularly susceptible to catching it. But once you vote for Kavanaugh, well, you’re infected for life. And it’ll affect all your constituents. And even if you live in a state with some really progressive policies, you’re still at risk for KPV, it will infect the body of the United States, and wreak havoc on our southern region.

So get protected: call you senators and VOTE dammit! Vote!