Y’all we get some trolls from time to time and honestly, we love attention so it’s fine. Better they’re coming after us than vulnerable people. We feel no pain anymore, we’ve lived in New York for like more than 10 years. But anyway, one made us laugh recently is someone was like “If men can’t decide on abortion, why are you listening to the SUPREME COURT JUSTICES who decided Roe v. Wade.”  LOL, great GOTCHU, bro! Honestly, fine, if you want us to redo Roe but only the female justice now can vote on it, we’re sure the outcome will be A LOT BETTER FOR US! Keep trolling, bro.

Here’s another good troll headline “California Bill Would Put Planned Parenthood’s Phone Number on Every Student’s School ID” from LifesiteNews. The actual proposal is real cool and good, it would just require ID cards to have numbers of sexual assault and domestic violence hotline telephone numbers on them. Literally, only a good thing, keeping people informed, keep people feeling safe. Sad we had to learn about it from an anti-choice site!

Here’s a TERRIBLE troll: the new Title X regulations. See in an endless attempt to unsuccessfully defund PP, the gov is now gonna make sure that just… no one gets the family planning help they deserve. The frickin’ American Medical Association said the regulations could lead to a “national public house crisis” … DON’T THINK THEY USE THAT TERM VERY LIGHTLY! 22 states are suing over it! It’s effing ridiculous. So we say now there are two call your reps things you can do 1. FOR GOOD: If your rep or attorney general is suing, WRITE THEM A THANK YOU! I mean, damn, they’re looking out. 2. If they are not… WRITE THEM AN ANGRY LETTER! I mean, damn, they are not looking out.