Here’s the thing we read two articles in quick succession today that made our blood boil. The first is this very good piece about rape and incest exceptions in the New York Times. We were reminded that real human people (men) who walk the earth (people without uteruses) BELIEVE, like, real life, like without any science, that YOU CAN’T REALLY get pregnant from rape. Are you… fucking kidding me? Like, have you met a person in the world? Do you KNOW how sex works? We literally can’t believe these people have so much control over our effing bodies and they can’t be bothered to learn fucking REALITY. Like, we hesitate to even call this science… it’s just the TRUTH that if SEMEN GETS INSIDE YOU you can get pregnant why the eff would it matter if it was against your will?

And you know, this is what we hold to whenever they are like “Let’s just have a CIVIL debate!” while they’re yelling outside of clinics. They are… ridiculous. They make no sense. They can literally believe life begins AT CONCEPTION but then also believe that fertilized eggs don’t count because they’re not in a body. Like… THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING. Yet they still feel the get to have an opinion.

And speaking of people who think they get to have an opinion… we got a real doozy of a “father’s rights” article today. The headline is… “Even after new state abortion bans, women will retain the same choice men have always had.” Y’alllllllll. How about when we get to DECIDE who has to grow the fetus in their body for nine months THEN you get input. Like, men make this kinda useless argument all the time and it’s like “Um, we have work to do here, we cannot constantly explain this to you.”

THE PERSON housing the fetus gets to decide. That really… how could that be hard to explain. That if your squirt some semen in someone and then you get to just peace… you don’t get TO DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS TO THEIR BODY FOR NINE MONTHS!

Look this guy is a terrible troll who wrote this article, but we wanna quote it because this is… what a lot of these monsters believe:

When it comes to becoming a father, men have always had choice — we've just had to make the choice before we have sex. That’s true whether we are wearing a condom or she says she’s on birth control. Pregnancy is a risk men are choosing to take each time we have sex. If a baby is conceived, we have no more legal choice in whether we become parents.

It isn’t the end of the world that millions of women are finding themselves in the same boat. After a while, you learn to be careful and responsible while recognizing that each time you have sex, the result might be a baby you have to take care of — or, at least, pay child support for — for decades.

We’re quoting this, again, because like… aren’t some people RIDICULOUS??? They still want to argue about “responsibility” as if… men don’t fucking run away from paying child support all the time. LOL you really think everyone who becomes a father is like “Um yeah, now I’m gonna step up!” and it’s MOTHERS who are now being forced to face facts??? IN WHAT EFFING DELUSIONAL WORLD DO YOU LIVE IN??? Like this isn’t even his main argument, his argument is more about rape exceptions. He just takes AS FACT that every sperm provider knows and is willing to pay child support even if they don’t want to… and that every uterus-haver gets to do whatever they want. We beg to effing differ, my friend.

This is obviously a complex issue between two people that this writer has boiled down to being … ridiculous. But this “responsibility” shit… just never flies. Birth control fails. Condoms break. Mistakes happen. We do not live in a world where everything works out the way we want it to. That doesn’t mean you should be punished.