Before riding into the White House on one of those horses of the apocalypse, Mike Pence was terrorizing Indiana gay people, women, and well, basically just any non-white men for the crime of… existing. Now the sins of Mike Pence will be making their way to the Supreme Court Friday. Let’s talk about it!

Mike Pence again would sign anything into law if he knew it would have his desired effect of hurting everyone and he signed a fetal burial law and also a law that says you can’t get an abortion based on a prenatal diagnosis (or based on sex). Now, let’s get rid of the most ridiculous part first: no one fucking gets an abortion because of the sex of the baby. Like… this is an almost mythical person the anti-abortion movement invented to make people who get abortions seem like they’re these manipulative monsters.

Second, let’s break down the whole people shouldn’t get an abortion based on a disability. Now, there have been NUMEROUS pieces by mothers who are like “hey, please stop using my child with down syndrome to further your agenda and maybe, idk, actually give us the resources we need.” And the anti-choice movement has continued to be like “naw, bitch, we’re gonna keep using you as a symbol and not actually helping you.” It’s just all so effing disingenuous we can’t handle it. These anti-choicers aren’t saying, “OK, we don’t want a Down Syndrome diagnosis to mean the end of the world for people, we want them to have the resources they need for their child to have a quality life.” THAT’D BE TOO FUCKING LOGICAL. They’re instead being like “Oh look at these monsters on the left, murdering precious babies.. OK please also don’t let a single child with down syndrome near me nor in my child’s classroom and no government handouts.” It’s honestly disgusting. We’re all for focusing on protecting children with disabilities. Maybe start with checking how much your state fails families of children with disabilities daily!

Finally, let’s talk about fetal burial, which might be what the Supreme Court weighs in on. Jessica Mason Pieklo at Rewire breaks down why, in terms of the law that would be basically bullshit. I mean, every court says it’s unconstitutional but sure… take it ALL the way to the Supreme Court to see if maybe they’ll play ball.

We’ll have our eyes on the court all year, you should too!