Well y’all, it’s about to get a little dark here. The Earth is doomed. Remember how there was that article earlier this year that was like “If we don’t do anything, we’re doomed by 2050.” And politicians were like “Dope, so let’s put that in the garbage can and keep getting money from big oil!” 

The future of the Earth is in jeopardy and we need to act fast! We’ve been SO inspired by all the millions of strikers today!

And like with anything (because we all exist in a world together) this is of course a reproductive rights issue too! If you want to have kids, you want to raise them in a safe and healthy planet. If you are planning for your future and when to have kids YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE THE EARTH ISN’T DESTROYED BY THE TIME THEY ARE 13. 

If the anti-abortion movement is so concerned with helping the “preborn” well… maybe they should consider making sure they have a planet to live on in 30 years.

We stand in solidarity with all the strikers. Today we’re just feeling inspired and hopeful and activated. We’ll get back to righteous fury Monday!