Well spring has sprung in New York and the weather is lovely and we’re feeling optimistic that things will work out this time. Sure, there are dumpster fires engulfing our world all over, but hey, we gotta at least try. And so we’re gonna choose to think POSITIVELY today.

First up, the Kansas law that like basically argues LITERAL DOCTORS should tell their patients to, idk, google that sometimes “abortion reversal” works or… you know, NOT SO MUCH a reversal as a “if you take a pill wrong SOMETIMES it doesn’t do what it’s designed to do.” This is hideous and preying on people who have ALREADY MADE A DECISION, but we’re gonna remain positive because… did y’all know Kansas has a Democratic governor? We’re sure we knew at one point, but anyway we’re HOPEFUL that she will veto it.

It’s literally impossible to be hopeful about this story of how bad ICE continues to be, increasing the risk of miscarriage for pregnant women. So you come here and INSTANTLY learn how terrible anti-abortion people are. You are either BEING TRACKED through missed periods to make sure you’re not having an abortion OR being treated like shit if you are pregnant to the point that they have a miscarriage. BUT we are gonna remain hopeful that people keep exposing this cruelty and that maybe, maybe, something like this will stick and these monsters will be held accountable #AbolishICE.

And finally, we are hopefully THAT WE ONE DAY WILL NOT HAVE TO READ DUMBASS QUOTES LIKE THIS FROM POLITICIANS. “It’s a tragedy that’s just hard to describe or even understand unless you’ve been through it, but my belief is that I don’t see why we should take another person’s life because somebody else committed a crime.” OK LOOK WE CAN’T BE OPTIMISTIC ABOUT EVERYTHING!