PODOh hey, Senate Repubs! What’s up? How are you doing today? Ya busy? Oh really? Watcha working on? I assume if you are meeting it’s to be like ‘that was so silly that we said we won’t even hold a hearing on the Supreme Court Nominee when it’s time, we take that back…’

Oh no? That’s not what you are doing? YOU’RE MEETING today to review a nationwide 20 week abortion ban that has ALREADY failed to pass the senate? A ban that the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (and many other doctors) have already said was a bad idea? You're discussing this again even when you know that 99% of abortions occur before 21 weeks. NINETY NINE PERCENT.

It seems like something else is going on here no?!

Are you wasting our time and money on purpose?! Guess what —> you aren’t doctors. You are however Senators. And while you are spending our time and money trying to take away women’s constitutional rights you are promising to obstruct the Supreme Court nomination process and not do YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY.

How about you get out of our business and focus on yours?