We were trying to think of a metaphor to describe having to deal with literally the world’s worst people day in and day out as we try to fight for more reproductive access for people. And what we keep coming back to is like, you know how media pundits say that people are “playing 3D chess” but it’s really just someone just throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. That’s kinda how these anti-choicers work. BUT FOR SOME REASON IT IS WORKING. It’s like they’re playing checkers, we’re playing chess, but for some reason they just KEEP GETTING TO TAKE AWAY ROOKS EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE PLAYING THE GAME WRONG!

Look, we’ve KNOWN Texas was bad but the articles this week for some reason are really bumming us out. The number of abortion clinics in Texas was 40 in 2013 and is 22 now. That means that even though Whole Woman’s successfully made it to the SUPREME COURT and won a case against shitty TRAP laws (regulations targeted at abortion providers)… we still lost. The damage was still done. 

It’s especially disheartening because a LITERALLY IDENTICAL case is going before the Supreme Court out of Louisiana and … even if we win it again … the damage has already been done! 

It’s even more disheartening because, as we wrote about yesterday, Ohio is trying to pass a LUDICROUS bill that makes abortion basically punishable by the death penalty, if someone has an ectopic pregnancy they gotta like, prove to some anti-abortion politician that there is in fact NO SCIENCE to support reimplanting that fetus in the womb, and MUCH MORE STUPIDITY. Just a reminder that a 6-week ban just got struck down in Ohio so even if this passes a federal judge will hopefully squash it. But that doesn’t even MATTER because they’re literally just throwing chess pieces at the board and fucking up the game!

And look maybe we’re just feeling particularly testy today because we also had to read TWO articles about the LAST clinic in a state: Missouri (allowed to remain open for now) and West Virginia (hanging in there)… but let’s just say: if they’re not gonna play fair, we have to go EVEN HARDER next year! Never letting up! Never letting them dictate the rhetoric. Never letting them win by a thousand cuts.