Gah it’s time to talk about Louisiana. You know how with every single law that anti-choicers push they’re like, “Fuck the Constitution.” Just like, blatantly. “Fuck the Supreme Court.” Always? Well, Louisiana did that in spectacular fashion recently and then AN COURT OF APPEALS ALSO SAID FUCK THE SUPREME COURT.

ThinkProgress does a great job of breaking down the bullshit. Basically Louisiana passed an TRAP law which says that providers have “admitting privileges” at local hospitals. One: y’all obviously don’t know how hospitals work. Two, it’s total crap that causes clinics to close and does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help anyone. Also, a law similar (virtually the same) to this was JUST struck down by the Supreme Court in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. And Louisiana’s Court of Appeals was just kinda like “fuck that.”

The zygote lovers would argue that because they don’t believe the law is fair, they don’t have to follow it. Which, like, I guess stand by your convictions to the end. But we’d argue that because it is law (for now at least) places that pull bullshit like this should be severely punished! With fines or reprimands or something that makes them STOP pulling this shit over and over again.

We’re sick of fighting for the same shit! WE WON THIS ONE! Also it’s just so blatant! Like, we see you, you anti-abortion assholes, it’s just so transparent how much you DON’T want to help anyone.