Texas Abortion Bill Could Criminalize People Who Help Women Get Abortions (Newsweek)

RETURN OF THE HATEFUL 8!  Oh, Texas Senate Bill 8, how do you harm me? Let me count the ways! There’s a new one coming out every day. Here’s a report on how SB 8 would turn anyone who helps a woman who needs an abortion into a criminal. That includes the Lyft driver who takes her to an appointment, or the bank teller who hands her the money she needs! Texas’s lunatic SB 8 is an example of misogynistic multi-tasking.


If You’re Against Abortion, Gunning For Planned Parenthood Makes No Sense 


If you’re anti-choice, going after Planned Parenthood is a LOSERS game… on every level.  Studies—not to mention common sense!—show that the services provided by Planned Parenthood (including PARENTHOOD that is PLANNED…. HELLO!!!) decrease the number of abortions. But then you shouldn’t expect logical consistency from groups that label themselves “Pro-Life” and then support violence, intimidation and the murder of abortion doctors!


Kansas lawmakers go full harassment mode: mandate typeface size, style for abortion disclosure forms (Daily Kos)

FUCKING KANSAS is a veritable FONT of ignorance. New innovations by Kansas lawmakers in TRAP LAW FUCKERY actually mandate that abortion providers fill out disclosure forms in specific paper colors, typeface size, and even fonts! Because every moment spent fretting over paperwork is time NOT spent PROVIDING CARE TO PATIENTS! This FONT TRAP LAW is a document that should not be opened!


Why Pro-Choice Counter-Protestors May Do More Damage Than Good At Abortion Clinics (Bustle)

We all agree on the goal of safeguarding abortion rights. There’s always room for debate on tactics. And new Bustle article makes a great point on how well-meaning pro-choice protests might not be the best approach outside of threatened clinics. One of Dr. George Tiller’s favorite mantras was “Trust Women.” To which we might add “Trust abortion providers…” to know the best way to serve the needs of their patients. RESIST! PERSIST! But don’t protest outside of clinics unless the clinic itself wants you to!




The only “Peach” LPJL acknowledges is the PEACH STATE.

What's happening at the Atlanta Women’s Center? ISSA BBQ!