Look, we value protecting personal data as much (if not more) than any Senator whose aids wrote his question to Mark Zuckerberg for him. And when it comes to protecting data the people who we most think should be protected are PATIENTS. That’s why shitty “questionnaires” like the one that just passed in Arizona are such bullshit. Doctors have to report to the government why you want your abortion, and a host of other information. Look, anti-choicers are rull dumb, because they don’t realize that doctors DO in fact, have to ask their patients these kinds of questions normally, because they care. Because they want to help their patients. It’s not just you come in and they instantly put you on the table, much as the Uterus Police want you to believe. But having to report this info to the government is only meant to shame pregnant people and not help them! Need proof. Well when democrats proposed adding questions about if the patients had adequate sex education in school, a Republican rep. ACTUALLY SAID: ““Sex education is not a health care issue. Having access to contraception is not a health care issue. It’s a pre-health care issue.” HOW MANY WORDS ARE THEY GONNA ADD “PRE-” TOO? Also, since when is medicine not health care?

In other news: our dear friend Amy Hagstrom Miller has been trying to open a South Bend clinic despite numerous road blocks. But you better BELIEVE a stupid fake clinic is now trying to open next door and they’re considering anything getting in THEIR way an attack on free speech. **Face desk**