Here’s a good Vox explainer about “executive privilege” and why you… you know, can’t RETROACTIVELY use it. If you cheated on someone you couldn’t be like “I was retroactively single.” But it seems like the only time conservatives want actions to have consequences is if it involves a woman doing what she wants with her body. So we propose renaming abortion “retroactive abstinence” cuz if they don’t want words to mean anything, well, we deserve to have some fun with it too!

In other news: the Pope said that Christians so worried about protecting fetuses should also protect immigrants, people in need. And anti-choicers are … mad about it? For some reason. It’s like these people NEVER read the “turning me away three times” story in the Bible, but for some reason think they have the moral high ground. We’re going to court about the D&E procedure, this time in Kentucky! Because the Uterus police will try to find a Constitutional loophole even when there isn’t one! And it’s Black Woman Maternal Health Week so today check out this great article from Rewire about racism and healthcare.