Saturday night we were changed. As we watched Beyoncé grace the stage at Coachella in one of the most stunning performances we’ve ever seen we wondered, “Has perfection been reached? Is everything going to be OK now?”

Beyoncé makes the world a better place.  And although we know a lot of your time now is probably spent trying to learn and obtain the thigh strength to do the “Everybody Mad” dance, we have another idea for how you can spend your time brightening up the world!

Volunteer at your local abortion clinic! It’s National Volunteer Week and that means it’s just the right time to put yourself in gear and give back to people who need it.

We’re going on the road this summer for the Vagical Mystery Tour and stopping at clinics to lend our support and love in a variety of ways. We support the clinics in so many ways and you can do too all year round. Giving just 20 minutes of your time can really brighten a clinic staff member’s day.

Here are some ways you can support your local clinic:

  • Volunteer as a clinic escort!
  • Do you own a landscaping business? Is gardening your hobby? Volunteer to help with anything from landscaping and yard work to painting to paperwork—you have so many skillsets, share them!
  • Help out with the websites and social media outreach of your local clinic. They’re providing compassionate care, help them keep up with social media so they can continue to reach and care for the community.
  • If your skill set doesn’t apply to things like building maintenance, use your talents to hold a fundraiser—performance, auction, yard sale… anything. Be creative!
  • #Expose Fake Clinics! Check out our website for active ways to get involved.
  • Give REAL clinics positive reviews, likes, and other support on social media especially if you or a friend has been a patient there.
  • Send postcards of support (remember, nothing in an envelope!)
  • Counter-protest IF the clinic thinks that would be productive and not co-located next to the clinic. (To the left, to the left, you know!)
  • Give—time and effort are the best, but donations of any kind always help are great too (including donations to LPJL).
  • Tell your state officials to protect and help clinics serve patients.
  • Be in the room where it happens – attend community board meetings where local ordinances to protect clinics, like buffer zones, are introduced and voted on.
  • You can always donate to your local abortion fund to ensure folks can access abortion care!

If you are interested in volunteering but have questions about how to get involved you can always contact your local clinic or sign up to volunteer with us!

Who run the world? Volunteers!