Fund abortion, build power.

This weekend we were so excited to participate in the New York Abortion Access Fund Bowl-a-Thon. We had a toddler with us and we got to use the bumpers, so as you can imagine, it was lit! The New York Abortion Access Fund helps women determine their reproductive destinies by funding abortions for anyone who needs them. It’s a great cause! Everyone did a great job and we raised a ton of money. But you know what y’all, that’s not good enough. We want to raise MORE money. So click here to donate to our team page, it’s up until the end of April.

And this summer, we’re going from bowling shoes to tennis shoes, that’s right y’all… we are coming to the MIDWEST WHERE IT IS ACCEPTABLE TO SAY TENNIS SHOES (and all over the great United States) to help independent abortion clinics. The Vagical Mystery Tour is back making stops in 8 cities! We’re ready to get our hands dirty, meet and recruit tons of volunteers, and have tons of glittery fun!

States are more important than ever in the fight for reproductive rights, see here and here, and you know, see every article we’ve posted ever.

Showing up guys, it’s half the fun, even if occasionally you have to put bumpers on.