Yesterday someone commented on our twitter post,  “Whoa, hold up. Fake clinics? Are there DECOY abortion clinics.” Yeah man, it does seem insane, and there are! Honestly, “decoy abortion clinics” is kinda a… great term for them. Sometimes we imagine that the fake clinics have a huge mouse trap over them and they lure people in with deceitful language and then never let them leave. The most sinister part is how many MORE of them there are than real clinics (close to 4,000 while there are only about 780 real clinics). And how easy it is for them to open.

This brings us to an infuriating, ridiculous, story out of South Bend, Indiana. Our queen Amy Hagstrom Miller has been trying to open a new Whole Woman’s Health clinic in South Bend for 6 months and has been met with frickin’ endless roadblocks along the way. Her clinic is gonna provide NONSURGICAL ABORTIONS. But the kind of hoops she is forced to jump through, you’d think she was practicing an experimental treatment facility that still needed to be peer reviewed. The labs in Spider-Man have less required regulations than frickin’ new abortion clinics. Here is the reason why Whole Woman’s Health,  MEANT ONLY TO HELP PEOPLE, was denied their license application:  “failed to meet the requirement that the applicant is of reputable and responsible character and the supporting documentation provided inaccurate statements or information.” Um, so they like… just don’t like what she does? And they’re allowed to say that in official documentation?? I mean, I don’t LIKE what Arby’s does but I can’t deny them from opening a new restaurant on my block.

AND THEN TODAY we learned that a FAKE anti-abortion health center is being allowed to open next door (heck, they might even be open before Whole Woman’s Health!). If you read this article about why the fake center is allowed to open, all the board members sound like they’re being frickin’ tied to the train tracks with the decision, not, you know, just people who can think for themselves. The rezoning the fake clinic needs to open is allowed when the new place is for the most “desirable use” and the new place must represent “responsible development and growth” for the area. You know what is NOT fucking representative of development in South Bend? An anti-abortion health center that deceives women and pushed its agenda on all who will listen. You know what DOES represent development? Oh, the fucking abortion clinic this city refuses to approve!

I mean, any reasonable person can see that this fake clinic attempting to open right by a proposed Whole Woman’s Health is a shady, deceitful, cruel, pointed move. These people literally have nothing else to do with their time but badger pregnant people. Why not open a free daycare center or a community health center? Nope, anti-abortion extremists are single-minded in their desire to JUST prevent abortions… and then the rest is up to you!

As abortion clinics are forced to close because of TRAP laws, fake women’s health centers go basically unregulated. They’ve found the loopholes time and again, and vulnerable people have to pay the price.  So today and every day we want to encourage you to head on over to and make sure to call out these jerks for the deceivers they are. And maybe, if you live in South Bend, call your local politicians and ask them what’s taking so long to open the new Whole Woman’s Health!