Yesterday Team LPJL hit the streets to #ExposeFakeClinics! We went to Union Square with our interactive “Fake Clinic” that explains all the lies fake women’s health centers (aka crisis pregnancy centers) tell people who come to visit them. A big shout out to the volunteers who showed up to be the walls of the fake clinics!

During the performance we had an interactionthat was very illustrative of the lies that fake clinics tell. Halfway through a man started yelling, “This isn’t what a doctor would do!”  Why yes, that’s the point, but it is what they do at fake clinics. And afterwards he confronted one of our staffers, arguing that we shouldn’t pretend to be real doctors and that it was debasing the medical community. Again, that is true, but not on us! In fact this man HAD been fooled by our fake clinic performance. Now imagine, if he had been a vulnerable pregnant person. It turns out, wearing a white coat (even as part of a street performance) can be pretty tricky and convince people you’re one thing when you aren’t!

We hope to do a pop up of this action across the country this summer on the
Vagical Mystery Tour. And we want to do it a few more times throughout New York. Several people who walked by didn’t know these kinds of clinics were in NEW YORK CITY! If you’d like to get involved in the action and wear a wall jumpsuit, we’d love to have you volunteer!

In the news today: Nancy Pelosi says abortion shouldn’t be a “litmus test” for Democratic candidates and is instantly proven wrong by the “democrat” in Louisiana who says abortion is “torture.” Someone on twitter argued that Democratic candidates should be able to be anti-choice in areas if that represents their constituents. But that is in fact, the opposite of what we believe! Being pro-choice is an issue we don’t think politicians can be malleable on! Reproductive Rights are essential rights. And without them people suffer.