Look, by now you’ve heard every single take on Michelle Wolf totally destroying it at the White House Correspondents Dinner and the CNN anchors who were crying little babies about it. But we did think among all the other shit it dredged up, the conversation did raise an interesting point about how hypocritically these people treat women.

Oh yes, they love to help someone play the victim when it aligns with their views, but when people have actually survived assault, that’s where the real trouble starts. I mean, how many times have we seen someone come forward about an assault only to see their character assassinated in the press, every hookup she’s ever had put under a magnifying glass! How often have we seen losers say that people only come forward about assault for “fame”? Or how about when they start arguing about the delicacy of the CAREER of the accused. As if that’s the most important thing.

It’s enough to make us scream into our pillow every night. Look, 35 Bill Cosby accusers told their story in 2015 to New York Magazine, there had been rumors for YEARS that he assaulted women,  and he is ONLY JUST NOW being found guilty of a crime IN ONE SPECIFIC INSTANCE. And we’re supposed to feel like that’s progress!?

Jim DeRogatis has been covering R. Kelly for 18 years and he published another scathing, horrifying story last year… still no arrest. It’s legit insane that these people are not being held accountable, that they just know they can get away with it. And that despite the fact that so, so many of them do get away with it, we’re still writing these fawning pieces about how the men who are accused can find their way back from … public scrutiny?

Today is the last day of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, but as you all know, the fight is never over, to teach people to ask for consent, not to rape, to give a voice to the voiceless, and to stop sexual assault. Go check out the National Sexual Violence Resource Center website for an in-depth history of the movement, and for tools and resources you can use. And, always and forever, trust women.


In other news: we think you should read this great piece about North Dakota’s first abortion clinic and how TRULY BIZARRE and scary the protests were there.