We live in a time when the president’s tweets can cause stock to drop, and maybe it’s just us, but only Kylie Jenner should have that power, you know? So anyways, we’re now experiencing a “war on Amazon,” which, you know, we’ll leave it to the economists to discuss the goods and evils of Amazon (but you know, buy books at your local bookstore and donate to charities like us whenever you use it cuz you don’t want to go out for toilet paper). BUT we just wanted to point out that you can buy Plan B on Amazon and we think that’s swell. Yep, Amazon is now doing more than your local Harris Teeter wants to do. And while we’re all for this convenience and destigmatizing birth control, we just have to say: IT SHOULDN’T BE EASIER TO BUY MEDICINE ONLINE THAN IT IS AT YOUR LOCAL CVS, WITH HEALTH INSURANCE.

In other news today, Ohio is getting more and more conservative and we think the Buckeye would be really disappointed, David Daleiden (of Planned Parenthood illegal video fame) is in the news again, but at least now it’s because he’s getting stunted on, and indie clinics are in jeopardy and could always use your help.